2014 Issue 3
SQ FT 1024

The Stock 1968 Dodge Coronet
R/T, 2000 Dodge Viper R/T 10
and a 2009 Dodge Viper ACR

"when I built my house, I built it
around the garage.  I knew I
wanted the garage to be another
room in my house, not just
another garage. It never stops
evolving and is always ongoing.  
The garage is outfitted with heat,
a sink, a  fridge, phone, surround-
sound and a 65-inch television,
along with all kinds of Mopar-
themed wall art, scaled cars and
parts.  I probably spend about 20
hours a week in thegarage.  It's
tough to pick out just one part of
the garage I enjoy the most.  I like
the overall theme of the garage
and everything in it."
Submissions can be sent to
Mopar magazine found this website online and emailed the owner
wanting to publish it in the next upcoming edition of Mopar magazine.  
An interview was done over the phone and pics taken from the website
were used.  Even since the article was put together a few changes have
been done.  The 2013 Dodge Daytona R/T was traded for a 2000 Dodge
Viper R/T 10 and the 97 Dodge Viper has been fully detailed and is back
to it's owner.  

Thanks Mopar Magazine.