Labmrecht AUto Auction

Sept. 28th and 29th 2013
Pierce Nebraska
The Lambrecht Family got into the car business after World War II in small town Nebraska.  Pierce
was the site for a dealership that became known world wide for selling new cars.  No used car was
resold to the public and was stored away with nearly 500 units left to the elements.  In 1996 the
Family closed the door to the business and retired from selling cars.  In 2013 it was decided to
auction off these vehicles with around 50 of them being sold as new and never titled with less than
50 miles on the odometers.  The news of the auction went viral on the internet and news sources.  
Folks from around the globe descended on the small town of Pierce to own a historical part of
American history.  Here are a few examples and a day spent at what is no doubt an important part
of automotive history.
The Cars below were sold as new with less than 10 Miles on
them and never titled.  These are truly automotive classics
that will live on forever with their new owners.
The trucks below were also new and part of the
Lambrecht Fleet collection.