1997 Dodge
Viper GTS
Here is an unmolested 97 Viper that has not had a lot of care and has sat in storage
for quite a while in a dusty environment  for the last 4 years.  The car has 15,000
miles on the odometer.  With a lot of elbow grease, patience and time, this jewel will
be resurrected to like new condition.
Here are the before pictures after that car was rinsed off.  The interior is fair but
needs cleaned up and conditioned.  The engine bay is dirty and will need cleaned
and detailed.  The wheels will be removed, cleaned and polished and the
suspension components cleaned.  Paint correction will be done with a polisher and
several compounds to remove the swirl marks.  
Here are the weapons that will correct all the parts of the car and make like new
again.  All microfiber towels are borderless blues from the Rag Company.  I use
Griot's Garage products for all my cars due to the ease of application and the
results they provide.
Full Detail
The cleaning process
First rinse of the entire car after the sun has set with warm water to knock
off the dust and any larger particles and get the paint wet.
After a good rinse on the car the foam gun is used to put down a lubricant
on the paint and begin to lift the dirt from the car.  Using warm water and
Griot's Garage car soap to soak the entire car and the rims and tires.
Next is the spray down the rims and tires with Simple green while the
foam gun soap works the paint.  Then using the 2 bucket wash system
and a microfiber mitt begin washing with light pressure from the top
down cleaning the mitt in the watter after each panel is washed.  Use a
seperate towel for cleaning underneath the car and the rims and tires.
Rinse the car from the top down making sure all the soap is
gone.  Using an electric leaf blower dry the car and get in all
the cracks to reduce water from settling.
The car is clean and ready for the clay bar process.